Investing Like an Investor

Accumulate enough investments so that the income from these investments will produce enough to support you through your activities. Like a river, income should be flowing into pockets from all directions.

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Your Home is Not a Real Estate Investment

My house is not real estate? Well, yes, it is; it’s just not a real estate “investment.” Real estate investing represents an on-going part of a well-diversified investment strategy. Most investors are under-allocated believing that their personal residence is part of this allocation. Excluding your home, do you own commercial property assets? Your home, while looking like an investment is not an investment you look to for yield or income. Nor is it an ATM machine as we have found out during the recent economic cycle. Your home is the place you live. Monetary benefits, if any, are a bonus derived at sale.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies For Women

The best investment strategy I have found for women investors, and this also works for any investor as well, is to have a team of experts that are working with you. Your team should consist of your attorney, accountant, Realtor and property manager. You know the old saying,” two heads are better than one”? Well when it comes to real estate, three or four knowledgeable heads are what you need.

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